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Representations of gender


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This community is dedicated to the discussion of gender representation. Whether we notice it or not, gender stereotypes and representations of gender effect every aspect of our lives.

This is not a community just for women and feminist issues, it is open to people who are concerned with gender and stereotypes, regardless of your sex, race, political stance, class, career, sexuality, martial status, age etc…

Formalities -

-At the moment this community is open to all. Debate is encouraged, but personal attacks will not be tolerated and the structure of the community will be altered if necessary.

-You are welcome to open topics for discussion, and all members may participate.

-Do not force your opinions on others, but do not keep your opinions to yourself.

-This community is not a…
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Meet me/ add me (but friendships with other members are of course encouraged  )

-No surveys, or quizzes etc.

-I don’t care if you are beautiful or ugly, and I don’t need to know either, so please don’t post photographs, if you MUST do use a cut.

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