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Porn - is it always exploitative?

Clare Short, the British MP, has tried to ban topless women on page 3.
For anyone unfamiliar with the English and their eccentricities, it has been customary for decades for certain newspapers to publish pictures of attractive young women in bikinis on the first inside page. When the lower market tabloids, like the daily Mirror started the trend, the young lady concerned wore a bikini. However, in the 70s, The Sun was the first to go topless.
Clare Short has tried to ban topless pics in the papers before, and had the tabloid press call her an ugly old bat and worse. What she looks like is immaterial, has she got a point?
I can see that women will object if they see men crudely treating women as peices of meat, but I sense that thirty years ago, womenwere more sensitive about it. These days, women can take the initiative in sexual relationships, are used to saaying what they want and more sure of getting it. there is also more possibility for women to achieve, to feel sucessfull, whereas in the 70s women found it hard to be taken seriously as managers, train drivers, airline pilots , whatever. they resented being solely sex objects, and rightly so.
Women today, I feel, can be; and are appreciated more on thier own terms.
They have always wanted to be desired, but to be in control and secure in the fact that they would not be abused in any way.
In the 70s, that was not there, but I feel women are more comfortable these days with pics naked women about. I recall Germaine Greer appearing naked in newspapers, and thinking ... What???
The argument comes up that porn exploits women. And yet there are magazines aimed at lesbians, there are the traditional 'chick lit' like Mills and Boon and films about women like Bridget Jones that seem to be the fmale equivalent of the the pinup on page 3.
Mr. Darcey is a female fantasy figure. A wealthy, well hung fit bloke who does not smoke, or drink, or waste money backing horses. And he has waited this long for the heroine to pop up without trying to hump one of the parlourmaids! Come off it, he is about as realistically true to life as the silicone chests you see on page 3. But this is harmless entertainment, so why not?
Most erotic material aimed at a female audience does require reading skills. Perhaps this is laudable, but thst isn't the point. I am nothing like Darcy in looks, or temperament, or even estate. Should I complain that men are being exploited, seen as meal tickets? That society is encouraging unrealistic expectations among impressionable young womn and forcing me to try and live up to them?
Or have we got to the stage where we can laugh at each other's quirks and accept them? Cross posted from Happy Feminists.
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