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A question..

Not sure if this belongs here or not, but what the blazes, it's a stereotype.

Why do so many people think bisexuals are whores? The reason I ask is because I've noticed that even among those who don't have a problem with bisexuality or homosexuality, many of the people who knew I was bi warned me not to become a slut (or said something to the extent behind my back), and one of my bi friends is constantly refered to as 'loose', even by one of his boyfriend's best friends (who should know better). Has anyone else noticed this stereotype, or is it just a big thing in my area?

And one other thing I've noticed that's probably really off-topic.. why will some lesbian/gay men not date bisexuals? What do they have against them?

Anywho, if I have offended, think but of this and all is mended.. I'm a newbie to this club.
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