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Feminism- is it already outdated?

As someone who is over 45, I can remember when Germaine Greer first wrote 'The Female Eunuch'. I have read it myself, and also 'The war Against Women' by Marylnn French.
I think I would say that my only criticism of the 2 books is that they fail to address a wider issue. They rightly point out that the system exploits and attacks females, but fails to recognise that the system also exploits and attacks males.
I was born in England in 1956. It was a time & place when the law would not allow women to have credit on their own name, or get equal pay for doing a job a man did, and if a woman was hit on the street by a stranger, the law would intervene. If, however, the same woman was beaten up, in her own home by her own husband, unless he actually killed her the law would do nothing. A policeman could not intervene if he wanted to, except to say that the neighbours were complaining about the noise, so keep it down.
I do not know this from historic research, I know it from personal experience. My dad was an alchoholic, and a wife beater. Go figure!!!
The point is that Greer and her acolytes had a ready made army of supporters who would grow up, get jobs and voting cards, and be a natural constiuancy in society for social change.
Did I want to grow up Like my dad, and perpetuate the system he flourished in, and sustain its values? In a word, NO!!!
And yet Feminism, which boldly bust forth with so much promise, first said that It was going into a huddle. Social change to benifit women was to be done in all female groups, to exclude the contamination of men.
So what happened? The whole movement was hijacked by those who felt that "All men were Bastards" These people insisted that there was no difference between consensual sex and rape. Any sexual relationship between a man and a woman was exploiting her and that women should all become lesbians, as this was the only position of integrity.
Not only did this lose any male support for the feminist ideology, it lost a lot of female followers too.
Feminism has failed to address BIG issues. What about boys born to violent fathers? what about boys born to Feminist mothers? How should these be treated from a feminist perspective?
Hard core feminists refused to work with others who were not of thier ilk. It was Environmentalists, Trade Unionists and Socialists who did the big stuff in the 70s, not the Fems who sulked in their all female think tanks, only to emerge with pontifications that any reasonable person would reject, regardless of their gender.
In the UK, we got legislation on equal pay, we got environmental protection and lots more. It is eco activists like me who push for change in the 3rd World, not hard line femsinists.
Now that a lot of rich women do their daddies jobs, Greer has decided it's a good idea to appear naked in a newspaper, all her dreams fullfilled. Feminists are saying that 'all men are wimps or bastards' because the earlier version would not hold water. Meanwhile, real activists continue to fight for better conditions for people of both sexes around the globe. People that Greer is happy to forget. It is time that Feminism was equated with Stalinism and dumped in the dustbin of History. Females do not possess the sole right to walk on the moral high ground. Activism lives, but Feminism is a busted flush. We need a broader agenda that treats all children seriously, all people seriously, instead of assigning 50% of us with ridiculous and demeaning labels. Ghandi was a man. Wimp or bastard? Feminism is to serious to leave it to women.
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